Zone Motorsport Mini Grand Prix

Ideal event for groups of between 12 and 20 people

Ideal event for adult groups of between 12 and 30 people.
Minimum Group Size 12 Drivers £50 per driver (minimum charge applies £600)
These events are excellent value with the circuit guaranteed exclusively to your group. Because we do not normally run more than 15 karts on circuit at a time, it may be necessary to split the group in two. Each driver is guaranteed two 15 lap races and will race against everyone in the group. Before the racing starts, competitors have the opportunity to get familiar with the circuit and the Kart controls in a timed practice / qualifying session, normally 4 laps.       

Race format example 1 (Normally 12 to 15 Drivers):
After practice the race is started from the starting grid using the timed practice laps to determine the grid position. The race is completed when the first driver has completed 15 laps. 

We then take a short break before the second race, which is run over a further 15 laps. The starting grid order for the second race will be handicapped by reversing the finishing order from race 1. Each driver is awarded points for their finishing position in each races, the winner is the driver with the greatest number of points when the points from both races are added together.

Race format example 2 (Normally 15 to 30 Drivers):
After the 4 laps of practice each driver competes in one of the first two 15 lap races to try and qualify for the final. We then take a short break before the final two races, which are run over 15 laps each race. The third race is a consolation race for the people who have not qualified for the final. We then have the final. The winner of the final is the overall winner and the last place person in the consolation race is in last place. 

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