Zone Motorsport - Endurance Race

Shenington is the ideal venue for Endurance races. Endurance races are ideal for large groups, corporate events and team building exercises. Basically, an Endurance race is a relay race so each driver is part of a team. The race runs for a set time period, 1 hour for example (this can be extended).  We recommend 2 or 3 drivers per team.

Typical event example:-
A group of 30 people racing for 1 hour.

The group is divided into 10 teams with 3 people in each team. 

Each team is allocated a number; this number is the same as the number on the team kart that they will drive in throughout the race. (Members of team number 1 will always drive kart number 1).

The 3 drivers take equal turns to drive the team kart. Each driver in this example would drive for 20 minutes.

The race is finished after 1 hour and the winning team is the team that has completed the largest number of laps.

Minimum number of 18 people required and the event can run for any length of time.

This is an ideal event to bespoke to your requirement with prices starting at £135 per team.

Food and Corporate hospitality are available and the event can be bespoke to individual requirements. Please phone for details.

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Create your own Karting event at Shenington

If you can't find the exact event you are after on our website, Zone Motorsport will be happy to talk through your ideas and will do our best to create the perfect event specifically for your group or company.
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