Arrive and Drive

Arrive and drive is exactly as the name suggests. Whenever we
are open potentially, people can just turn up and have a drive.
Obviously, people who have booked the track in advance will take
priority. For this reason we would always recommend
giving us a call to check availability to avoid delays
and disappointments.

Arrive and drive is ideal for individuals and small groups. Drivers
choose the amount of time they wish to drive; the minimum amount
of time is 15 minutes costing £20 per person.

Arrive and drive is an open practice against the clock rather than a
race; drivers do not have exclusive use of the circuit and may be
joined on track by other people who wish to drive, up to a maximum
of 10 people on track at a time.

At the end of the session each driver will receive a computerised print
out off the time for each individual lap they completed.

15 Minutes Arrive & Drive = £20 per person.
20 Minutes Arrive & Drive = £25 per person.
30 Minutes Arrive & Drive = £32.50 per person.

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